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Live Interview with Holli

This interview almost made me tear up 😢

Even though I went over the questions with Holli before the interview, I was not prepared to hear the life-changing impact that our program had on ther and her child in just 4 weeks!


A busy mom of 3 who works from home who I met when she brought her son to my play-based reading program to improve his reading.

Not only was he behind in reading but he was also struggling in Math and Spelling. Holli was considering homeschool because she didn't want him to continue to fall behind more and damage his self-esteem...

But she also didn't feel it was fair to pull him out of school away from his friends, nor did she feel equipped to homeschool him on her own.

She was in a delema that many parents in traditional school face on a daily basis.

Watch this interview to see why I almost cried hearing her share what might have happened if she hadn't discovered our program.

And how she can now support her son by giving him the best of both worlds without adding any extra stress to her life.

Watch Holli's interview here.

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