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3 Ways to Revive Homeschool Excitement After a Break

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

We’re getting back to our Homeschool lessons on Wednesday. When are you starting? 

Are you dreading the transition back to homeschool lessons after taking a break? It doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here’s how to revive your homeschool and get excited!! 

3 Ways to Revive Homeschool Excitement After a Break

First off, it’s hard for me to take breaks. We homeschool year around because I feel like the kids are ALWAYS learning. 

But we haven’t been doing much bookwork or anything strenuous over the break besides chores, cleaning and reorganizing. So it’s been a much needed relaxing break.

It’s important for us to take breaks from our homeschool lessons from time to time. Rest rejuvenates and heals and it’s the best way to find energy to revive our motivation again if we have been experiencing overwhelm. 

Sadly, the only reason I resist taking even the shortest break is because when I do, my kids have a hard time getting back into a regular routine.

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be so hard– that it’s possible to start successfully after a break and actually get your kids excited about starting back? Here’s what we’re doing to get excited about starting back: 


We move tables, chairs & desks. The kids do school work all over the house but they like to reorganize their work space where they keep their books & supplies. 

We sharpen and add new pencils in their cups, place new books they’ll be using in their bins and 

post visual schedules on the wall. 

This helps to mentally prepare them for what is coming when they can visualize themselves back at work. 

Now we’re ready to move on to the next step.


We sit down for a family meeting and go over our family schedules and individual schedules. The conversation is open for suggestions and everyone’s input is valuable. They see that I am excited and have a positive outlook instead of dread & frustrations. 

The schedule is important to review because without it, we all have our own plans. Imagine them waking up ready to relax on Wednesday then shocked to realize mom is ready to start school work. 

We talk about wake up times, bed times, free time, how to earn more electronics and consequences for unacceptable behavior. 

Reminding them of our school plans the days before and especially the night before makes everything run much more smoothly. 

Finally, we do this next step to get excited about learning again. 


For us, homeschooling is about learning to use our God-given gifts as a means to earn income and lead others to Christ. 

How can you incorporate this into your day? 

For my daughter, she wants to start a typing class so she can improve skills needed to be a graphic designer and earn income now. She’s already creating fliers, certificates and documents for her business but wants to learn how to type faster. 

For my son, he’s taking piano lessons & wants to become a worship leader. He’s excited about scheduling time in his day when he’ll be able to focus his undivided attention on his piano. 

When I start here with my homeschool planning, my kids are much more excited about what they’ll be learning. 

They want to finish the required lessons so they can get to the stuff they’re most passionate about. 

I keep these fun, easy subjects along with lots of reading as the main part of our schedule for a few weeks to help transition into harder lessons. 

School work gradually gets more difficult as their brains become more accustomed to the workload. 

Expecting them to pick up where we left off is unrealistic and stressful for everyone involved. 

I recommend adding 1 more subject or requirement every 2 weeks. 

Transitioning back to homeschool lessons after a break can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. With a little reorganizing, reviewing and refocusing you can revive your Homeschool after the break and get the family excited about getting started. 

For more tips & support, connect with us on Fb in the Homeschool Revival group.

And check out the Teacher’s Lounge for Christian Homeschool Moms. A place where moms meet for homeschool support & live, interactive planning sessions.

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