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My Homeschool Curriculum Choice for 2023 -24

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I’ve Finally Found Our Perfect Budget-friendly Homeschool Curriculums for Interest-led & Independent Learning

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If you're looking for a curriculum that is:

✔️ Independent

✔️ Interest-led

✔️ Budget-friendly

✔️ All-in-One

keep reading...

As a busy homeschool mom, who runs a business, it has been a struggle to find a curriculum that works for us. 

I've tried many and I just had to share this discovery!

Let’s start with my personality…

Because this has a lot to do with my curriculum choice and our homeschool life. 

I’m very much of a free spirited kind of girl. I don’t like to be held down by anything. I like to stay on the move doing all the things God has called me to & I like to change things up often. I get bored when things are the same for too long. 

This is part of the reason why I have avoided buying a full homeschool curriculum that I would have to commit to. 

I like to have the freedom to change things up to follow my children’s interests and keep them engaged. 

Another reason I haven’t purchased a full curriculum is because there’s so many free resources and I like to save money. 

I run a business to bring in additional income for my family so we can enjoy all the fun opportunities that homeschooling brings without having to pull from bill money. 

So finding a budget-friendly all-in-one curriculum that fosters independence and interest-led learning in my children has been tough… to say the least. 

My oldest is 12 and we’ve been homeschooling from birth. I’ve tried A LOT of curriculums!! 

Some are budget friendly but not so independent. 

Some foster independence but not interest-led.


Some are interest-led but not budget-friendly.


I want my children to be excited to get started with their work, on their own, find solutions and solve problems they have never seen without constantly needing me. 

And this curriculum has it all! 

It’s interest-led, so they get started without being asked. 

It has hints and instructional videos, so they can watch videos anytime they need more help or get a question wrong. 

And finally, it’s only $97 a month to homeschool my whole family! 

I had to share this with you because right now you can try My Homeschool Village for only $2. 

This is how I started and I have never been more amazed at the amount of flexibility provided inside the Homeschool Village. 

Not only does the Homeschool Village provide some of my favorite online programs like Starfall, Reading Eggs, IXL and Tapestry, but you also get Freebies on Friday and most importantly, a community of homeschool moms and support. 

All for only $97 a month! Right now you can try it for on $2!

Homeschooling is hard and can be overwhelming. If you decide to join the Homeschool Village, I can walk you through the steps for setting up the classes for your children. 

You don’t need to know how to teach or lesson plan to use this program. 

And one last thing…

Don’t Homeschool alone. Homeschool with us. 

You can do this.


P.S. After you join, email me at and I'll personally show you exactly how to set up your children's accounts and what I'm using to homeschool my children in 2 hours a day.


*This offer ends July 4th, 2023. Join now. You can cancle anytime.

If you need support for Faith-based Homeschooling, join the Teacher’s Lounge for Homeschool Moms for weekly planning & prayer.

Learn together. Pray together. Homeschool together.

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