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Why You Should Try a New Homeschool Schedule for 2022

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We’re changing up our Homeschool Schedule for 2022 and here’s why you should too.

It’s a new year and time to reevaluate your Homeschool Schedule. What’s working and not working? One of the many perks of Homeschooling is you can create a fun, flexible schedule that works for you and your family. MORE TIME

One of the main reasons I changed our schedule was because we needed more time in Math.

We’re learning long division and it was taking much longer than usual. Normally we cover 4 subjects each day but now Mondays are ALL Math - all day.

We’re changing to 1 subject each day:


TUESDAY - Spelling

WEDNESDAY - Geography / S.S


FRIDAY - Book Report

I like this new schedule because we can focus on one subject all day without jumping around. The kids seem to like it because they feel they have more time to finish their work.

What’s your schedule looking like for the new year? Is it the same? Do you need to make some adjustment? Or is it working?

If it’s not broken, then no need to change. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with completing work each day or your children need more time in a particular subject, it’s time for you to change your schedule.

For more tips on how to set up a fun, flexible schedule that follows your family’s natural rhythm, feel free to send me a message. I’d love to help!

Or Book a free Discovery call here:

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